Employment, Training and New Trades Day in Mobility Transformation

Friday, July 1, 2022 – Free Admission
Open to professionals and the informed public – at the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux

Friday, July 1st will be a special day dedicated to Employment, Training and New Emerging Professions of the mobility sector so that companies in transition can meet their new talents, explain their new human resources needs and discuss this ongoing change.

The boomerang effect of simplifying the construction of electric vehicles and their maintenance, the subject of employment and jobs in the new mobility sector is considerable and paradoxical. More than a hundred thousand traditional jobs are expected to be lost - in assembly and equipment manufacturers, not to mention downstream. Reorientation and training are becoming essential and urgent subjects.

In addition, a multitude of new companies are entering the market, and these transition companies are struggling to recruit new ones.

It will be one of the strong points of the seventh edition of Electric-Road Business & Seminar.

On Friday, July 1, it will be reserved for:
  • With the current and future state of play,
  • With training workshops,
  • With the organization of a “Platform for Employment, and New Jobs” to bring together industrial participants, employment professionals, and all job search and re-orientation profiles.


This day will start with three major plenary sessions on employment and new professions, moderated by the greatest experts on the subject.

Workshops on the awareness of training and the discovery of the ecosystem will offer visitors study and educational sessions.

The afternoon will be dedicated to a platform for job discovery in the transition of mobility, where all the voluntary companies will come to describe their needs and their plans for future years and will answer to a hearing that we hope very numerous.

The French Tech will offer a meeting between investors and start-ups who wish to present projects on the transition of mobility.


Important: On this occasion, the entrance to the convention center will be free for all visitors.

This day is organized with the partnership of: French Tech, Pôle emploi, Maison de l'emploi de Bordeaux, Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie, Région Nouvelle Aquitaine.