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JUNE 29 - JULY 1

Electric-Road Business & Seminar

From 29 June to 1 July 2022, at the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux

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Launched in 2013, this annual meeting of international players and experts in the field of roads and streets is now positioned as an observatory, a forum for expertise and experience, a media centre and a showcase for clean mobility for all types of transport.

It is a real crossroads for meetings and exchanges which participates in the birth and development of the new electro-mobile industrial sector.

It will highlight the needs, technologies and conditions for implementing unconstrained and sustainable electro-mobility in urban (electric streets) and interurban (electric roads) environments, as well as promoting initiatives, combining skills and developing projects.

Mobility transition: upstream is doing the job, but it is waiting for the downstream.

"The energy transition of mobility is not limited to the efforts made by vehicle manufacturers. Put on notice by political pressure, itself responding to climate requirements and the fear of being overtaken by China, they have received the message and accomplished their mission at a speed that has surprised the sceptics: the vehicles are ready, the autonomies have crossed thresholds that were still utopian yesterday, and many technological challenges have been resolved or are in the process of being resolved. By presenting dozens of electric models in the catalogue of the major manufacturers for exhibition and test drive, the Electric-Road congress largely highlighted this spectacular evolution during its sixth edition last October.

But nothing has been resolved yet. The manufacturers have played the game, but from employment to infrastructure, the challenges remain. The upstream is doing the job, but it is waiting for the downstream. And the task is immense.
Economical in materials and labour, non-polluting, electricity-generating, automated, safe, etc.: tomorrow's roads will have to meet the requirements of the future. The roads of tomorrow will have to meet many new requirements.
This implies the coordination and complementarity of many professions that do not necessarily work together: energy, digital, IT, civil engineering, motorways, manufacturers of all the "mobility tools", all in close relation with national and regional administrations, as well as on the European level.


All these sectors must come together and learn to work together to prepare the mobility of the future.

  • Recharging stations - electric and hydrogen - are eagerly awaited by manufacturers and must reassure the user.
  • In the city, new developments that allow intermodality, carpooling, parking, home charging in condominiums.
  • On the roads, innovations in signage, in communication between vehicles and the infrastructure, in guidance systems and road safety, in lighting, etc.
  • On the motorway, the revolution in service stations, the question of energy supply.  On certain stretches of motorway, the creation of lanes dedicated to carpooling, others to platooning.
  • In a transversal way, intelligent management systems, forecasting and real-time operations, data...
  • Finally, one day, it will be the roads that will directly charge electric cars, buses and trucks, it is time to prepare for the future..."

Jean-Patrick TEYSSAIRE